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speaking engagements

I am available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics, including but not limited to the following three main topics: Revolution, China and linguistics.
  • (The Norwegian) Revolution
    • Foreign policy strategies for a post-revolutionary Norwegian administration: Russia, China, and Iran.
    • Post-revolutionary principles for immigration
    • Why is the current Oslo regime supporting al-Qaeda groups in Syria?
    • The nature and scope of the endemic corruption within the Foreign Office of the Oslo regime
    • Why do some nationalists advocate closing down the Norwegian Foreign Office? What will we put in its place?
    • The Norwegian flag
  • Contemporary Chinese society
    • Culture
    • Language
    • Chinese characters
      • How many Chinese characters are there? (My answer: there are only 70,000 that you should pay attention to)
      • How many Chinese characters do i need to learn and in which sequence?
      • Why radicals and strokes are important
      • Chinese fonts and typesetting in an Apple environment
        • Freeware fonts
        • How to type 90,000 Chinese characters on your iPhone
        • The most expensive commercial Chinese font, the FangZheng New Kai Extended from FounderType and who should license it
    • Politics, disinformation and conspiracy theories in Western media
    • Chinese healthcare, medical and social insurance, mental healthcare, TCM, acupuncture
    • My 20 years as a patient in the Chinese healthcare system: CFS and multiple organ failure
    • Caring for a family member with schizophrenia in China
  • The Indo-European expansion
    • What languages did Europeans speak prior to the Indo-European expansion?
    • Proto Indo-European and comparative linguistics
    • Pre-IE substrata in modern European languages
    • The relationship between Uralic, Altaic and Indo-European
    • Non-IE languages on the European rim: Sami, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, Rhaetic†, Etruscan†, Lemnian†, Basque, Kartvelian languages
    • The fragmentation of the Uralic languages
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Ingar Holst