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Ingar Holst
Level 23, Citigroup Tower
33 Huayuan Shiqiao Road
Shanghai 200120
The People's Republic of China


If you want to talk with me:

I rarely use phone, SMS, or email anymore. I have a phone, yes, but it is mostly turned off. I have email addresses as well, yes, but I rarely check them. Starting February 1, 2018, I only use WeChat. You cannot expect to reach me in any other way. No phone, no mobile, no SMS, no email, no facebook, no fax, and I only check paper mail every month or every other month, or even less frequently if I am not in China. And unless you are a government agency, I probably won't even answer paper mail. So, if you actually want to reach me, there is no other way but WeChat.

(The upside is that WeChat is free of charge, NSA / CIA / MI6 / Mossad / PST / insertfavouritebogeymanhere-proof, and last but not least, instantaneous. Unless I am sleeping, you'll reach me within seconds.)

To use WeChat you need a smartphone, Apple iPhone recommended. From your iPhone, access the Apple App Store, download WeChat, register, and add me as IngarHolst, written exactly like that, in one word. You cannot use WeChat from a desktop or laptop computer, you need a smartphone. State your full name and where we met, or why you want to talk with me, then I most probably will add you.